Spiral Gravity Chute

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Processing capacity: 2-40t/h

Spiral diameter: 300-3000mm

Rotation speed: 3.2-30r/min

Height: 3.2-8m

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Spiral Gravity Chute Working Video

Introduction of Spiral Gravity Chute:

Spiral gravity chute is a kind of gravity separation equipment for light and heavy mineral separation using the inertial centrifugal force produced by magma turning movement.

It is widely used in the 0.3-0.02mm fine material separation, such as iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, phosphorus ore, tungsten tin ore, tantalum, colombite ore and the non-ferrous metals, rare metal, and non-metallic objects.

Spiral Gravity Chute Separation Material

Advantages and Features of Gravity Separation Spirals

1. Stability, easy control and large concentration range;

2. Low handling costs and long using life;

3. Lager quantity of production capacity, high concentration ratio and recycling rate;

4. Less floor area, low water consumption, simple structure and no labor need;

5. Easy installation and operation, low investment and fast benefits;

6. High volatility adaptability to the feed quantity, concentration, particle size and grade;

7. Light weight, rust prevention, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

Spiral Gravity Chute

Spiral Gravity Chute FAQ

1.Classification of Gravity Spiral Conveyor

According to the ore grain size, there are 3 types of gravity spiral concentrator:

a. Coarse particle chute. Feed size is more than 2-3mm and maximum feeding size is 100-200mm;

b. Sand chute. It is suitable for 2-3mm graded ore;

c. Slime chute. Its feeding size is less than 0.074mm.

Fote Spiral Gravity Chute

2.Differences between Gravity Separation Spirals and Spiral Concentrator

a. Cross section of the gravity spiral concentrator is the straight line and the cubic parabola;

b. Without the concentrate intercepting device in the middle of the gravity spiral concentrator, the concentrate, middling ore and the gangue are all received in the end of the gravity spiral concentrator;

c. No flushing water is needed in the classification process.

Model Processing capacity
DL2000 15-40
DL1500 8-16
LL1200 4-6
LL900 2-3

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